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13. Bad Homburger Poesie & LiteraturFestival

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, partners and supporters,

The Bad Homburg Poetry & Literature Festival is going into its 13th round from May 22 to June 16, 2022!

And yes, once again many prominent actors and audience favourites have announced their coming to celebrate a diverse early summer literary festival of a special kind.

Since the pandemic events have shaken up the cultural industry and many dates, you will find below a chronological list of what the 2022 festival year has to offer in terms of new events and old ones postponed from 2020/21. You can look forward to extraordinary events! 

We thank the great Bad Homburg audience and all partners/supporters for their continued support – even in difficult times!



Hermjo Klein, Organiser (A.C.T. Artist Agency GmbH)

Bernd Hoffmann, Artistic Director


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Contact person for the media:
A.C.T. Artist Agency GmbH
Frau Bettina Peters
Tel. 030-8562157-0

Art Director:
Bernd Hoffmann
Tel. 069-82367031

Kur- und Kongreß-GmbH Bad Homburg
Stefanie Kürten
Tel. 06172-178-3152